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How To Build A Shed

Building a shed will require time and patience to achieve good results. If this is the first time doing this I would recommend using one of the guides that show you how to build one from they are among the easiest plans to follow.

Building a shed may seem overwhelming to many and may think it is beyond their skills. In many cases this is further from the truth, and the best way to determine if you can do this yourself is by taking a look at plans. Once you have looked over the plans you should be able to determine if you can do it.

Building a Wood foundation

Building a shed wood foundation for a shed is the most common choice. The foundation should be placed on a gravel bed or cinder blocks to keep the moisture from rotting the wood.

You can build the foundation frame using 2×4 or 2×6 lumber. The lumber for the foundation frame should be pressure treated since it will be on or close to the ground were moisture is present.

When the foundation frame is built it will need to be squared before you nail in the floor deck. To square up the floor frame simply measure diagonally until both sides measure the same.

If you are using shed plans all the measurements will be given making it effortless to build.

You can see the guides on how to build a shed including the floor here the site offers plans in many sizes. These sheds are simple to construct and the look very nice, should look nice in any backyard.

Below are a couple of videos to give you a better idea on how to go about doing this.


Gable Shed Guide

how to build a shed

How to build a shed

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Lean-To Shed Guides

lean-to shed plans

Lean-To Shed Plans


 Gambrel Shed Guide


gambrel shed guide

Gambrel Shed Guide

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